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Success is not the big picture

Success is not a final event, but a sum of partial small triumphs and the outcome of certain habits that can be grown. Many people confuse achieving particular goals with success. Nothing more wrong. A person is not successful if it achieves a certain business

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Retail Marketing Strategies for 2016

The importance of digital marketing grows every year, especially for retailers who continue to see growth in online sales versus in store sales. There is a growing number of retailers who are selling strictly online and have chosen to completely forego physical stores because of

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Entrepreneurship: Risky Business

As more and more people start or consider starting their own business, it is important to understand that entrepreneurship is risky, most of the times people loose time and money, so be prepared to enjoy the ride even if it does not make you the

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First Things First

What comes before starting a new business? This is not a post related to the magnificent Stephen R. Covey’s “First Things First”, the gold standard book for time management. This is a brief description of what to do just before starting a business, a task many


The Chatbot Hype Explained

Everyone has been hearing about chatbots these past couple of weeks. As more companies introduce chatbots as a customer service option, it has quickly become a new convenient form of customer interaction. But what exactly is the hype all about? What is a chatbot? According


Essential Elements of a Successful Business Plan

One of the very first things a business needs, is an exceptional business plan. Not only to understand how to structure and develop the company, but often times to raise funds. Business plans should be detailed yet succinct. Although business plans will vary depending on