The Chatbot Hype Explained

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Everyone has been hearing about chatbots these past couple of weeks. As more companies introduce chatbots as a customer service option, it has quickly become a new convenient form of customer interaction. But what exactly is the hype all about?

What is a chatbot?

According to a chatbot “is a service, powered by artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface.” Chatbots allow customers to receive basic answers, place orders, make purchases, and more. They wipe out the need for cumbersome phone menu commands and allow users to access information via the most preferred method of communication, text. Chatbots make obtaining information much easier.

What is the hype all about?

The reasons why chatbots are becoming so popular are:

1.The use of messaging apps has surpassed social media usage for the first time ever. Naturally, companies want to go where their customers are, which is now on messenger apps.

2.They increase efficiency for companies. Companies can save a lot of time and money on call centers by integrating chatbots. They reduce restrictions and make businesses available 24/7 without a 20-minute wait featuring some monotonous elevator music.

Where are they available?

Chatbots are available on multiple interfaces. Facebook just announced that their messenger will begin integrating chatbots. They are also available via Telegram, Kik, and other popular chat interfaces, depending on the company.

How do they work?

Chatbots typically use machine learning to understand what is being typed or the intention of the text versus using the text verbatim. This allows chatbots to understand different variations of questions and commands, despite spelling or grammar errors.

Services like Alfred Bot, allow you to train your bot to meet your company’s need. You can teach Alfred Bot to answer any question and send documents, videos, photos, or links. Alfred bot can also carry out certain commands based on your company’s needs including scheduling appointments, placing orders, etc.

How can I get one for my business?

To create a personalized chatbot for your business, visit

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